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This is where you can find who has paid us a visit recently.

We appreciate your comments from around the world.

Updated from 1 Feb 2004


Norfolk Scjhool of Judo & Ju-Jitsu kikbut@joimail.com Competitive Player USJA USA-Virginia www.vatkd.com Norfolk School of Judo & Ju-Jitsu "Recently joined GM Spruiell's Club and looking forward to competing at the young age of 48.Wayne Spencer/Spencer's Warrior Club on the web at vatkd.com Train Hard and cya in the ring!"


Stephen LohVeteran shodan, Island Judo CLub Singapore. We just estb our club, Island Judo Club. We are affiliated to the Singapore Judo Federation. Our founder members have all represented Singapore at regional competitions over the past forty years. One of our member was at the Montreal Olympics as a competitor and another at the Auckland Commonwealth Games. All our founder members are no longer competitive and we have just begun with a batch of young adult beginners.

USA, Oakland, Royal Oak, Michigan
Comments:   I've been teaching judo for over 35 years.  I am a past judo Master's National Champion (143 lbs & under).  I currently teach judo at the YMCA in Royal Oak, Michigan on Tuesday & Thursday nights at 7:30 p.m.  If interested call (248)398-5138 or email at: robichaudjudoclub@earthlink.net

Comments:   Judo, Taiji, Selfdefence and Camps for Kids and Adults. We are looking for more Martial Arts Instructors!!!!

Mick Delfos
Competitive Player
3rdkyu  J.F.A.Q

Comments:  Great site, great photos & posters, great links very enjoyable

Martin Clarke
Martin@CombatSombo.co.uk Competitive Player
8th Dan International Budo Federation, Kent
 www.YoungJudoclub.co.uk Comments:
Ex Olympic Judo Squad World Masters Champion 2001

Neil Savory, Competitive Player, 1st Kyu BJA
England, Kent  Comments:
Train at Rainham Judo Club in Kent. Coach youngsters aged 5-8 years old. Would welcome any new styles or approaches especially in games department to incorporate at end of lessons.

Rhys Edwards, Competitive Player, 6th mon   BJA, Southampton England
I have been Judo now for 2 years and enjoy it very much
I am the Welsh U25g Champion with BJC
I would like to achieve my Black belt when I am 17

Paul Cooper`  Competitive Player,  1 kyu, B.J.A, South
Great web site dave, i love the photos. thanks for that photo i love it.

Caul Coleman,  Competitive Player,  2nd Dan BJA, West Midlands.    Comments:
I started Judo 33 years ago, continued in the Army now at Bishop Challinor.

Darren Clarke Competitive Player3rd Dan BJA/WJA"    "UK/Wales/Mid Glamorgan. Rob Stilwell told me about your site and it ain't half bad. I hope you don't get light on heavyweight pictures, like other publications I could mention. I'll be back to see how it develops, it's coming along nicely! take care till then. Yours in judo" 

Arun Kumar Competitive Player, sho-dan jfi, New Delhi India  Comments: judo is very good game . we love judo i like to be a good judo player(world champion)

Giuseppe Tamburo Competitive Player, II dan Associazione Polisportiva Italia Enna - Italia 
Comments: vorei tutte le spiegazioni in italiano e non solo la presentazione. grazie

Samuel Silva@sp.previdenciasocial.gov.brazil  Most illustrious Mr.Dave Quinn, I like to contribute with a phrase on the Judô. If he is that Mr. already does not know it: "Judô is not in the color of the belt, the force or the medals. The Judô is in the heart of the Judoca."
Thank you for answer me. Samuel

Mushtaq  Ahmad, Competitive Player.  I am new comer. Pakistan    lahore,39thst,29th h.mujahidabad mughal pura lahore  Comments:  hello, how u all, I hope you will be in good health. this is my first time that I am visiting world judo.org, in fact it is really nice and informative web site for beginners like me. I am keen on playing judo but there is no any judo club in Pakistan. I would like to join a judo club. world judo .org is my favorite web site, and whenever I sit on net I must visit it. my all great wishes r with it. Thanks.

Mr. Strandberg Niklas, RefereeShodan!!!, Borås JudoclubSweden! surf.to/strandis  Comments:I must say that JUDO is great! And now I have found my loving solemate and wife, and that is JUDO! Her name is Jessica Bertucci! And I just love her so much.......Niklas//

Fred G. Barnett, Competitive Player, 4 Dan, USJA, USJI, USJF KentuckyBowling Green, KY. YMCA Judo Club michijudo@aol.com Comments: I have a small club of 50 students, I am the head coach, I compete in master division 45 to 50 81K. In addition I am a national referee. I have practiced judo for the past 31 years. My main advice to anyone entering judo is "never miss practice" Consistancy is the key to any sport. Timing, tempo,speed and power all come with consistent practice.

David Bonner, USA / Ft. Worth, Tx Davidfb@aol.com  Comments:  My name is Dave Bonner and I'm the coach of the Texas Christian University Judo Club. Our program is just starting and as soon as we have a web page I'll be sure to post the address. Until then, if anyone would like to get in touch, just send me an e-mail. Best wishes. -Dave

Neil Simon Sandan, USJF, USFI, Washtenaw County(AnnArbor)Michigan http://ic.new/~ymca/classes/martial/judo.html Judo at the Ann Arbor YMCAComment: Class schedule: Monday: Beginners 5:30, Inter 6:30, Adv. 7:30 Wednesday: Open dojo 7:30-9:00 Saturday: Beg 10:30, Intermed/adv 11:30, Kata 12:30 When you are in town, let us know.

Margot Hudson Competitive Player, 2nd kyu, Larrakeyah Barricks Judo club, JFANT, Australia, NT, Darwin
Comments: My origonal club is with larrakeyah judo club. I am now a competitive play with the northern territory institute of sport and love Judo.

Ben Henderson, Competitive Player, 4th Kyu BNMA, Crewe, Cheshire, UK www.crewejudoclub.co.uk
Comments: Excellent judo site, I have really enjoyed my visit.

Ronaldo Costa, Competitive Player, Junior/ Beira mar, Portugal, Aveiro Comments: hi, i love judo, and fore all dos o love judo keep the spirit of judo alive

Andrés Guzmán Secretario Club de Judo Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá D.C. Colombia arrecibo@hotmail.com Comments: Me gustaría tener acceso a las direcciones de los principales clubes de suramérica con el fín de establecer certámenes internacionales por medio de nuestro Club. Gracias

Ericson V. Mejia, Competitive Player, 3rd Dan, University of the philippines phoenix judo team at Los Banos
Philippines jkeric@yahoo.com Comments: we believe in uniting all teams through the spirit of practice and competition. all are welcome to train in our club

Maria de Fanis, Competitive Player, black belt - Ist dan, mestre-venezia/italy maridf@tin.it Comments: great site. actually I do not compete any longer and have not been practising for some time (aged 34), but would like to become a federal referee. sorry for signing as 'competitive player', but I used to be, indeed. it seems it is not easy to get information down here in Italy about courses for referees....is it the same in your country? I believe our federation in not so prompt to provide any sort of information. thanks for your site maria

Prgomet  Anto, Croation judo federation, Croatia, http://antoprgomet.homestead.com/novastranica.html black belt 3 th DAN, Comments: I am IJF referee continental, and treiner of judo club "Istarski borac " Pula - Istria - Croatia.

Hugo Efrain Zepeda Silva, Competitive Player, Shosan.asociacion Mexicana de judo, Morelia Michoacan, zepeda_hugo@yahoo.com Comments: saber mas sobre torneos queremos haser un torneo y queremos darle una invitasion internasional. podrias darnos una lista de asociaciones que quisieran benir al torneo att HugoZepeda

jason lewis Competitive Player, 8th kyu british army judo association, germany / guterslogh  Comments: newly formed over the last year but already won 8 medals in the army championships. also the team event in the army open championships. trying to get onto the civi circuit for the experience

Lovine Salvatore Competitive Player, III° Dan Teacher, Napoli, Busen club Marino Comments:  I would be very happy to change letter with teacher of judo club. I have a club in Napoli.

Veteran RICHMOND HILL, ON, CANADA www.masterathlete.com info@masterathlete.com Comments: holding world tournaments for Masters (Veterans) 3rd World Masters Judo Championships - Phoenix, Ariz June 29, 2001 4th - Londonderry, Norther Ireland 5th - Tokyo The Kodokan, Japan

Shandra L. Smith Competitive Player USJA/Fox Valley Judo, Wisconsin, USA Comments: Great site, I look forward to using it quite a bit! I got my start with Sensei Charles Neal(now deceased),in Portsmouth, VA. I now study under Sensei Mehdi Mohammadian at Fox Valley Judo, Neenah, WI. I couldn't have asked to work with anyone better! My children and I are all involved and have turned it into a great family sport!

www.geocities.com/budosensei         Budo Today
daviddeer@budosensei.madasafish.com Comments: Training in traditional Martial arts and Butokokai Judo. The old way of gentleness, using the principles of Kyu Shin Do and Kenshiro Abe Sensei. Harmonisation of action, effectiveness of technique and acceptance of belief in self.

Wayne Peters, orange belt, british judo association, CITY of stoke on trent, England. wh.peters@cwctv.net
Comments: I am stuck at orange belt for a while. i go to two of my favourite clubs. i'm blind in one eye. i am mad about judo. i always call dan grades master, out of politeness and respect. i like lots of mates, so you can e-mail me

Torrelavega.Cantabria.España, www.eljudoka.com Judo Club Torrelavega Comments:

International Stage 9-13 july 2001, young camp...

Kevin G. Harrington, Competitive Player, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
http://members.home.net/kgharrington/index.html  Comments: Great site. Please come and visit us at the Asahi Judo Club at the above URL.

John R. Bassano, USJF - USJI, USA - Staten Island, New York nydojo@juno.com Comments:

We have the New York Dojo Institute, Ltd. (the oldest judo club in the U.S. founded by George Yoshida and visted by Professor Jigoro Kano himself in 1936. We are now relocated from NYC to Staten Island and are not for profit - tax exempt. Also on staff is Mohammed Maach a former Olympian from Morocco.

Marco Antonio Pegueros Lara   Mexico, Villaermosa Tabasco Comments:

If you are interested in visiting Mexico, please, let me know and we can arrange some visits to judo clubs in my state or even in my country.

VANDEPITTE Lode, Manager, 2nd Dan, VJF (BJF-EJF), (Europe, Belgium) VLAANDEREN, ZEEBRUGSE JUDOSCHOOL, vandepitte.lode@pandora.be Comments:

Hello, I'm a fanatic judo-man (2nd DAN - Trainer 'B'). I joined te 'Zeebrugse Judoschool' 8 years ago because my sons needed some action... It became a passion for me, my 3 sons and my wife! Right now I'm preparing myself for the exam of the 3rd Dan. Our club (75 members)is hard training 3 times a week en all the trainers are very pleased with the several victory's at the different competitions!!! Many judo-greetings to all judoka's all over the world.

Hassen TURKI, BUDO CLUB CORNICHE, TUNISIA hsant@gnet.tn Comments:


Henry Clark, USJI, Emporia, Ks    66801, http://emporiajudo.4t.com emporia judo academy Comments:

loved the web site found it very helpful, I used some of your photos and will be linking to this page thanks for all the information.

Gavin whitfield, Competitive Player, 13th mon, England,Bristol, lockleaze Comments: I love judoand won a bronze at kent open 2001. my club is called sea mills judo club

Carsten Kopp, Competitive Player, Germany, Appenweier  www.gebrueder-kopp.de
Carsten Kopp - Judo and Wrestling

John Walla USA, New York City, NY  WWW.NewYorkOpenJudo.com  New York Open JudoChampionship   JWallanyc@aol.com  Comments: 2001 NY Open Judo Championship held in New York City attracted 167 competitors from over 18 countries.  $1,000 prize money is awarded for each of the 7 gold medallists.  This event is a domestic "C level" point competition for Sr. Men only. The 2002 New York Open is scheduled for May 5, 2002.  Please contact me for more information.

bradleystoke special needs, british judo association, england.south gloucestershire. little stoke www.BradleyStokeJudoClub.co.uk  Comments:

Salvatore Iovine III° Dan C.S. Busen Marino, Italia busen-marino@liber.it
Comments: Ciao I hope to know clubs to change visit from our club. Ciao

Ivo Metodiev Competitive Player, 1 dan , judo club Montana, Bulgaria ivom_judo@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi everyone ! i want to recognize with more judo players / males and females / from  different countries .

Débora Dornelas Brazil  www.prancheta.com/ad  Comments:
Dear Sirs. I am Judo lovers and for this I opened a company of importation of judo uniforms in last year in Brazil. How I like judo sports, I interest me all thinks about this sports. With Best Regards, D. Dornelas.

Jim Fairbrother Competitive Player, British Judo Association, England, Berkshire, Wokingham  www.pinewoodjudo.com Pinewood Judo Club  Comments:
Pine Wood Judo Club is a British Judo Association Centre of Excellence which caters for five year old beginers Through to World and Olympic medalist.

Emma Competitive Player, 3rd Mon Ty Celyn Judo Club, Cardiff, S.Wales, Comments:
Judo is the best sport because its for all ages, and sexes.

Brian Starr, England Hampshire Gosport, www.holbrookjudo.co.uk  Comments: One of the strongest Junior Judo Clubs in Hampshire.

Ricki Lee Taylor, Competitive Player, 7th kyu, BJA, Ricki2kano@aol.com  Comments: I am interested in talking to other judoka's,  so please drop me a line, 110% reply

Hi, I am from Belgium and search for "Ben Spikers" or "Ben Spijkers"(Dutch). I want information about him. He's a good friend, but we lost contact, because his now coach in Austria. Please send us information or e-mail from him. My e-mailadres: floryn.dumon@pandora.be Thank you, jacques


Hi everybody, Thank You All Big and Small for signing my guest book. Dave Quinn