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Here is a list of sites I have seen and think they are well worth a visit and you may find interesting. If you have a site that has a service or product or is of interest to other judoka, we could put a link on this page. Send us an e-mail and let us know.

It was a great honour to have a compliment from this guy. Respected around the world as one of judo's greatest photographers spanning over 40 years. What ever you do, Don't miss this web site.

Hey Dave
Just seen your site. Great stuff. The art posters are brilliant. I'll link it to mine when my son finds out how to do it.
Best wishes, David Finch.  New web site: www.judophotos.com

The World's Most Comprehensive Compilation of JUDO STAMPS, COINS, AND TELECARDS. Truly a fascinating insight into the history of judo in stamp form. With descriptions of over 1,000 stamps (catalog numbers, values, and often names of techniques) and images of nearly all of these, plus coins and stamp cancellation marks, the list is impressive.  Multiple catalog indexing makes the list useful to the entire collecting world. Put together by Ronald Allan Charles, 7th Dan
Don't miss it.  http://usja-judo.org/~judo.stamps/

www.ngill.com Judoka Olympique Nicolas Gill. Top Man, Visit his site.

Judo America: San Diego San Diego, CA Every time I visit this site I discover something of interest. With interviews and interesting subject matter.

Jason Morris  1992 Olympic Silver Medallist, 4-Time Olympian (1988, 1992, 1996 & 2000) and Teri Takemori:  8-Time US National Place Winner. 5-Time US Open Place Winner. USA Judo Junior Development Chairperson. IJF’A’ Referee. See there excellent magazine ‘Real Judo’. I have and it’s great. Packed with action photos and interviews with stars like Jimmy Pedro World Judo Champion. 

Hiroki Suzuki Japanese Photographer  http://homepage2.nifty.com/hsuzuki/english/

Photo laboratory and gallery by Suzuki. See spectacular and breath taking views of Japanese mountains and much more. He also invites you to use some of his beautiful pictures as wallpaper for FREE. This site has some of the best Japanese views I have ever seen.

Hampfe, Alexander Competitive Player, Deutscher Judobund,Germany Young german judoka
www.hampfe.de  Young judoka from germany. See videos and more

http://www.inode.at/asahi.ubk/index.html  Asahi Union Budokan Austria, Neat Martial Arts Page.

www.JudoOnline.de Popular German Index Site

Judoinfo.com Popular Judo Information site.

www.judo-info.nl Neat information site from Nederlands

Budo Girls Information and photos of Girls in Martial Art Action from around the world.

Visit Judo Princess Sukui


Links to Judo Clubs World Wide.

Please note: We can not and do not endorse the services of others. Only as far as we have seen there internet sites and they look of interest