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We are honoured to have supplied photos and many other judo goods to reputable organisations and clubs. We are now delighted to offer a selection of quality items to all judoka world wide. Whether you require one item or wish to order quantity as a fund raising venture for your club, we hope you'll find what you're looking for here.  We are constantly revising and updating items to our new NETSHOP.  We are always keen to hear your ideas of what you would like to see included. Below is a list of currently available items. For NETSHOP click here.
Would you like a poster of yourself or as a gift or presentation for someone else? Well, it's your lucky day because for a limited period I will produce a poster of you (or the person you request) looking like a world class judo champion. I will even put you on the tatami (judo mat) face to face in combat with a real judo champion. It will end up looking similar to the posters above, but staring you. All you need do is supply me with a photo of yourself in a judogi (judo suit, looking like you are about to take on a champion) and I'll do the rest. Remember it does not matter if the person that would like to be seen in the poster is age 5 to 95, it all makes for a more novel and humorous poster. Email me for details. Dave@Worldjudo.org or see some other requested posters.
Club or Guest presentation Badges and Key Rings. Competition Pin Badges. Club Visit Gift Pin Badges. Officials Competition Pass Pin Badges.
Caps and T-Shirts. Including your clubs emblem printed on front or back.
Special presentation Trophies.
Swap your judo club T-Shirt for a club shirt from another side of the world.
At last top quality posters to promote your event. Including clubs emblem and emblem of governing association.
Special Edition Posters to Collect.
Judo Action Pack. Collectors badges. PINS and other special offers designed with kids in mind.

Hot News
Due to demand I have now set up an Internet Shop that will take credit cards. To launch this brand new service I am offering very special offers. I am no internet wiz. It has taken me forever to get this shop ready for action. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see at the shop please email me.
Good luck in Judo, Now and always.