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Kate Howey of the British Judo Association interviewed at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre">

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Kate Howey of the British Judo Association interviewed at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London, England by Dave Quinn, year 2000.

The Great Britain 1997 U70kg World Champion has been winning National and International events for many years at junior and senior levels. She has recently received the honour of an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen for services to Judo. We caught up with her at the National Junior Team Championships encouraging the younger competitors of today.

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WJ: Kate, how is your training progressing?

Kate: Its going well, I train every day.

WJ: What sort of training do you incorporate?

Kate: I work mostly on split sessions which includes lots of uchi komi, randori, weight training and cardio vascular work. Most days I train for at least 6 hours.

WJ: Where are you doing most of your training?

Kate: I train at Bath University where I am also studying coach education and sports development. I also go to lots of training camps.

WJ: What are your immediate competitive plans?

Kate: Well, I have a busy year coming up with a 5 competition build up towards the Olympics - one of them being the World Masters.

WJ: I saw your ippon throw for the Bronze at the Worlds 1999 and am delighted to say I have a photo of it. It was spectacular, and if I remember rightly, took you about 4 seconds to throw your opponent for ippon. It was the quickest ippon of the championships. How do you motivate yourself when you have lost a fight and come back with such positive attitude?

Kate: There was no way I was going to lose that fight and the Bronze medal. With a home crowd of 1,000s I felt immense pressure to win. I have lost before for a Bronze and it is not a nice feeling going home with nothing in front of such a massive home crowd.

WJ: Who do you look up to or has inspired you in Judo?

Kate: Diane Bell. I have always thought extremely highly of Diane's judo ever since I was a child. I used to watch her judo and felt that one day I would like to be as good as her.

WJ: Do you feel comfortable with your weight?

Kate: No! I am in an unusual position as it would be a good thing for me to actually put weight on. With the new weight divisions as they are now, I am one of, if not the, lightest competitor in my weight division.

WJ: Are you helped by sponsors in any way?

Kate: Yes, I am very lucky and grateful to some sponsors I would like to mention:-Twinnings T and the National Lottery. With the help of these sponsors and the B.J.A. a structured financial plan has been put into place and is being followed. However, I am always on the look-out for more sponsorship.

WJ: Is there anybody in the world that you feel could be hard competition?

Kate: You must take Werbouck of Belgium seriously as she has won 7 European titles and gold in the Olympics 96. I have fought her before but a long time ago and I must be due to meet up with her soon competitively again. The last time I fought her it was a very close fight indeed.

WJ: Congratulations Kate on winning Bronze in the Worlds 1999 and good luck at the Sydney Olympics.

Sins the above interview, Kate went on to win The Silver Medal at The Olympics 2000 in Australia and continue her outstanding achievements as an Olympian and world class athlete.