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Phoenix Judo Boston,Massachusetts
Central Jersey Judo Club
Temecula Valley Judo
New Orleans Judo Academy
Portsmouth Judo Dojo
Jam Judo Michigan
Judo-Jujitsu Inst. Chicago, IL
Sankai Dojo California, Hesperia 
Itakawa Judo/Jui Jitsu Dojo Woodriver IL
El Paso Texas Judo Club At The Y
Marion Youth Center Judo
Staten Island Judo,Jujitsu & Karate Dojo
New Orleans Judo Academy
Ridgewood Judo Ridgewood, NJ
Chu To Bu Judo Club, Inc.
Alaska Judo Inc
South Hills Judo Club
Allegheny, Pittsburgh
Judo at the Ann Arbor YMCA Washtenaw County, Michigan 

Eastpointe Judo-Jujitsu Club Eastpointe, Michigan
University of Louisiana Judo Club Lafayette
University of Kentucky J.C. Fayette County, Kentucky
Chicago Police Judo Club Cook,Chicago
Dale City Judo Virginia
Bowling Green. Ymca Judo Club, Warren, Kentucky
Hylandhills Judo School
LSU Judo Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Baltimore Judo
Sinchijudokan Judo Institute St. Louis, MO.
Judan Judo of Toledo, Lucas, Ohio
Chu To Bu Judo Club Cleveland
Portsmouth Judo Dojo NH
APA Judo Club Bergen County, New Jersey
Arkansas Goshinkan N. Little rock, Arkansas
Des Moines Iowa
AcadianJudo Lafayette, LA
New York Athletic Club Judo Club
New York City, Contact John Walla,1-800 445 6529
Rockford, Illinois
Ryodo Judo Jujutsu Rutland Cty, Pittsfield,VT
Detroit Judo Club Historical Web Site Detroit
DynamoJudo Club Bettendorf,Iowa
Albuquerque Judokai Albuquerque, NM
Hokka Judo Yudanshakai San Francisco, CA
City College of San Francisco
Sacramento Judo Club Sacramento , CA
Zentai Judo Jujitsu School Los Altos, CA
San Jose Buddhist Judo Club San Jose, CA
California State University, Bakersfield, Judo Bakersfield, CA
Gardena Judo Club Gardena, CA
Jundokai Judo & Jujitsu Club So. CA
Tenri Judo Club Los Angeles, CA
Judo America: San Diego San Diego, CA
Western Washington University Judo Club Bellingham, WA
New Mexico State University Judo Club Las Cruces, NM
University Budo Club Mississippi State University
Judo America: Iowa City Iowa City, Iowa
Judo America: Albany, Albany NY
Baltimore Judo Club Catonsville, MD

United States Judo Association (official page)
United States Judo Federation
United States Judo Inc.
Florida Judo Inc. Florida's Governing Body (part of U.S.J.I.)

Maryland Judo Inc. Maryland's Governing Body (part of U.S.J.I.)
Texas Judo, Inc. (part of U.S.J.I.)

Due to the massive administration involved with the up-keep of these judo lists, priority will be given to web sites that also link back to us at  www.worldjudo.org

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