Jimmy Pedro U.S.A.
Judo Champion of the World 1999/2000

Jimmy Pedro (pronounced 'Pay-drow ') is the most successful judo competitor from the USA of all time. Since 1989, Jimmy Pedro has been a world class competitor. Just some of Jimmy’s achievements include:


1989 Quebec Open; US Open;

1990 Tre Torre – Italy; US Open;

1992 Pan Am Championships; Guio Sieni, Italy; US Open;

1993 Pacific Rim – New Zealand;

1995 US Open; Pan Am Games, Argentina; German Open (he was the only American ever to win this event);

1997 Pan Am Championships, Mexico; German Open;

1998 Austrian Open; Shoriki Cup (he was the only American ever to win this event);
Paris Open (he was the only American ever to win this event); US Open;

1999 Pan Am Games, Canada

1999 Hyundai World Judo Champion


1988 US Open;

1990 Goodwill Games, Seattle;

1992 Hungarian Open;

1993 US Open; French Open; Sungkok Cup, Korea.


1988 Shoriki Cup, Japan;

1990 Jr World Championships; Tblissi (USSR) International;

1991 World Championships; US Open; Pan Am Games,Cuba; Pacific Rim Championships;

1992 French Open; German Open;

1994 Goodwill Games, Russia;

1995 World Championships; Pacific Rim Championships;

1996 French Open;


1997 Austrian Open; French Open;

1998 German Open

1999 Kano Cup, Japan

Jimmy Pedro born at Danvers now lives in Lawrence, Massachusetts USA. Born 30th October 1970. He began his judo life at the age of 5. He started competing when he was only 6 years old, and did not lose a bout for five years. Pedro continued to have successful times from February 1997 to 1998 when he won 26 consecutive matches.  Jimmy has also a very successful background in wrestling when at high school he won two state wrestling titles. He was a graduate in 1994 of Brown University. He served as captain of the school’s wrestling team. He took two years leave from University in May 1990 and returned after the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He has now become the most decorated US judo athlete in history, winning his first national title in 1989 and two years later he captured a bronze at his first World Championships. After the 1992 Olympics, he moved up a weight class from half-lightweight to lightweight. He is 5 foot 9 inches tall and weighs 161 lbs. He fights in the under 73 kilo division.  It has to be said Jimmy Pedro is a true all round world class judoka. Jimmy’s wrestling background gave him immense confidence.  It has been said many times, that Jimmy’s arm lock, "Juji-gatame" is among the world’s best arm locks. His favorite technique was once noted to be “Sode-tsuri-komi-goshi”. However, when I saw him at the last World Judo Championships, he was producing magnificent "Uchi-mata", "Tomoe-nage", "Kata-guruma" and pins.  How on earth could you beat a man with such an outstanding repertoire. He is a 5th degree Black Belt and has a BA in business Economics and OBM. Amazingly he also works full time as a manager for "Monster.com".He is married to Marie and has a daughter Casey and two sons AJ and Ricky. His friends call him ‘Peanuts’ or ‘Nuts’. His hobbies are Golf, Weightlifting and (he says) Eating.

Information above with grateful assistance from NBC Olympics and Real Judo Magazine USA.

For your interest, the techniques mentioned above are:
*Juji-gatame = Cross Arm lock  *Sode-tsuri-komi-goshi = Sleeve lift-pull hip  *Uchimata = Inner thigh throw  *Tomoe-nage = Stomach throw  *Kata-guruma = Shoulder wheel

Judoka from around the world were invited by Worldjudo.org to ask World Judo Champion Jimmy Pedro a question. A number were chosen and the results are given in this exclusive interview:-

Jimmy Pedro Interview

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