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World Judo Championships


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Where ever you are in the world get in touch with your judo association or organisation and find your National and International Champions. They have dedicated there life to producing the best judo in the land. See if you can get them to visit your club. They are a credit to your country and you should be proud of them. I know most of them (distance allowing) would be delighted to show there skills to others and encourage judo further in there country and around the world.

Head to head action from the World Judo Championships Munich Germany 2001.

I am now back from Vacation and will be uploading many more photos soon.

You can see many more photos by clicking here.

I am always pleased to assist competition organizers with free photos for there competition posters, tickets and programs. I have assisted many so far. Including school projects and judo club newsletters. To see the comments click here.

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