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World Judo Championships


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Up ] Il mio scopo non è arricchirmi con il judo, ma arricchire il judo. ] Gotcha ] Die Welt-Judo-Meisterschaften bei München, Deutschland, haben zusammen die größten Judo-Athlete auf diesem Planeten gebrac... ] Head to Head photos from the World Judo Championships. ] Let It Flow ] Smooth Move ] To Win at Judo ] Uchi-Makikomi Judo technique Inner wind-down throw. ] Judo Technique Uchimata. Inner Thigh Throw. ] wunderbare ] YeeHa ] Wow ] Top Form ] Morote-Seoi-Nage ] [ Judo Technique Te-Guruma. Hand Wheel. ] Great Stuff ] Flying Judo ]

"I have just been filmed today (about half an hour ago) for an information documentary about the Internet. I never expected that. Second time in one year. At this rate I will be selling autographs (just joking). What a surprise".

Dave Quinn
Judo Photographer

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